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- We have a diverse and varied experience in the area’s of Corporate Recovery, Restructuring and Finance.  The economic downturn in recent times has resulted in these skills being brought to the fore once again. In the recent past we have worked with a number of clients to reorganise their corporate structure into a more favourable one.  We have also prepared corporate structures for clients which allowed tax efficient liquidations to take place.

 - Directors of Limited Companies can be in a precarious position should trading become difficult.  It is most important that they have access to the most up to date advice in relation to Company Law and their duties under same in order to protect themselves from the wrath of the Director of Corporate Enforcement who polices this area.  At Doyle Kelly & Co. we have a wealth of experience in this area and we are happy to meet Company Directors who are worried about their duties and obligations.

- We are happy to work in tandem with a your current advisors in order to assess your situation and advise you on your best course of action.  It should be borne in mind that many Companies can be saved from Liquidation with timely restructuring and expert advice.  Do not delay getting the right advice, the duties and responsibilities of a Director are very onerous.

- Recessions provide opportunities for the business that can quickly adapt to increasing demand for low cost products and services.  Our experience in this area can assist you with this transition.

- Liquidations are an unfortunate part of business life and we are fully aware of the stresses and strains this can put on people caught up in them.  We are able to advise both Companies facing liquidations and Creditors who are being affected by them.

-We can also act as Liquidators to Companies who require a professional and cost effective solution to this very demanding problem.

- The times we are currently in mean that healthy relationships with your Bankers are paramount.  We have been very successful in assisting our Client’s restructure bank debt to suit the business environment they are currently operating in. 

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